What Is A Safe Age For Babies To Have Juice?

Ethnic-BabyAs a new parent it is a daunting experience learning what to give your child nutritionally and when.  Consulting friends and family can often send you down a path that isn’t necessarily healthy for your child, even if their choices worked fine with their kids.

At the end of your day, it is your baby and your decision to to make the best nutritional options for your child.  Deciding when and how to implement juice into your babies diet is one of those important decisions, so we’ve invested to help find out exactly what the best option for that is.

When To Integrate Juice With Babies

Newborns do not need juice.  According to if you make the choice to give your child juice at a young age the best recommended age is after at least six months old. They suggest using only 100% juice and drinking it out of a cup.  The reason this is suggest is to prevent tooth decay, just as they even recommend using only water when giving your child a bottle for that exact same reason.  We want what’s most healthy for our kids but what when juice does become a healthy option for you as a parent, we recommend Orange Juice.

A guideline for the amount of juice given to your baby or toddler every day should be no more 4 ounces a day and offered with a meal or snack.   If given too much leaves the possibility open to deplete his or her appetite for other nutrients in other foods, especially the necessities they receive in breast milk and/or formula.   Also the digestive system is still very sensitive so too much juice can contribute to excessive weight gain, diaper rashes, and diarrhea.

Always consult with your pediatrician about your child’s diet and changes as well.  Each child is different and while these are general rules of thumb, each individual is different.  Orange juice is a healthy important part of your diet, but it’s important to get the best possible nutritious options out of what is gives us.

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