Use Your Teen’s Passion To Get ‘Er Done

Waiting roomWhen we are passionate about something, we are motivated to do it. You love photography, so you find time to take pictures. You love football, so you are sure to watch the game every Sunday. Same goes for kids. They love art, so they find time to paint, or they can’t get enough of gymnastics, so they do the splits all over the house and rand-offs in the backyard.

The problem is, there are times when we need to do things we are NOT motivated to do: dump the trash, go to work, do our taxes. The same goes for kids: clean their room, do their homework, practice piano. To motivate the little ones, we can create a sticker chart or another visual way for them to see their progress.

Yet, teens aren’t always so easily persuaded with stickers on a poster. But that doesn’t mean we can’t use the same ideology that we use with our younger offspring. See, the sticker chart is a visual representation that shows our kids that they are reaching a certain goal. If they get ten stickers, they get an ice cream or if they fill out their chart, the family heads to the beach.

The chart doesn’t work if ice cream or the beach aren’t motivating. The motivation drives our children to get the job done when passion wanes. So, we need to do the same for our teens. What motivates them? Do they love graphic novels, but never do their homework, or slough off at their part time job, or never take the dog for a walk? You could dangle a dollar prize in front of them, but that lacks focus.

Tell your teen if he gets his homework in for the next two weeks, you’ll get him some art supplies to draw his own graphic novels, or if he gets a good report from his boss, you’ll take him to Comic-Con.

You need to find your teen’s passion to help him find success in what he’s not passionate about. Once you identify your teen’s passion, use that to motivate him and learn how to navigate through life’s less exciting, but necessary, essentials.

Written by: Leon Scott Baxter, The Dumbest Genius You’ll Ever Meet


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Leon Scott Baxter, “America’s Romance Guru” and “The Dumbest Genius You’ll Ever Meet”, is the author of three books and his latest, “Secrets of Safety-Net Parenting” is due out by the end of 2014. He has been married to his college sweetheart for twenty-two years and is the father of two girls, eleven and fifteen.

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