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healthy-kidsBeauty and health isn’t just about women trying to keep themselves fabulous. Instead it’s about preserving the natural beauty of youth, particularly protection from the sun and healthy eating, which will help keep your kids looking great and staying healthy!

Summer is the season that children eagerly wait for, as it is a period of relaxation and fun-filled activities. Give your child some extra care by making small changes in their life style.

Below are 10 tips that will help them stay healthy this summer:

Protection from sunlight

The intense UV rays present in the sunlight are responsible for vision and some skin disorders in children. Always keep your child protected with sunscreen, hat and goggles. Use a sunscreen that has SPF (Skin Protection Factor) 30 and make sure that there is a ‘broad spectrum’ label on it.


Include a good amount of vegetables at meal time. Decrease the consumption of spicy items and other food varieties that produce high amounts of heat while being digested (mostly meats).


Dress your children in light colored clothes (preferably white) as these colors reflect sunlight. Purchase linen and cotton clothes that adsorb sweat and use the free-fitting ones like round neck T-shirts and shorts.


Make your child drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day to avoid dehydration.


Give him watery fruits regularly. Prepare delicious fruit or vegetable juices to beat the summer heat.


The best thing about summer is that it makes burning body fat much easier compared to the winter. If you want your child to shed some body fat, now is the ideal time to send him to some fitness training activities and get active.


Swimming refreshes your body and mind and makes the days of summer pass smoothly. However, select a clean pool or else you could contract skin infections.


As summers are vacation time for schools, do not let your child stay indoors all the time sticking to television or video games. Make him go out, socialize with his friends and play outdoor games. Also, encourage him to pursue some creative activities like painting or dance.


Although the risk of germs is less in summer, body sweat creates a foul odor which if left unattended, can cause minor skin conditions like itching and rashes.

Vacation to cool places

If the area you live in gets really heated up in the summer, take your children on a vacation to cool places like beaches, resorts or hill stations.

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Written by: Leo Josh, Writer at “Child Benefit”


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