Tips For Preventing Children’s Sports-Related Knee Injuries

BLD012493The occurrence of children’s sports-related knee injuries has dramatically increased in the last decade. This article will explain to parents the simple ways that they can help their children prevent them from happening.
Children in sports are more susceptible to sports-related knee injuries for these reasons:

  • Children are still growing, and each are at a different level of growth
  • Children mature at individual paces and are at varied sizes when in play with each other
  • Children have less coordination and slower reaction time than adults
  • Children may take unnecessary risks that may result in injuries

Parents must explain these risks to their children when they allow their children to become involved in sports. Here are several easy tips for parents to use to guide their children in preventing sports-related knee injuries:

Knee Injury Prevention Tips

  1. First, make sure there is proper supervision by trained adults.
  2. Make sure those adults are knowledgeable in prevention of sports injuries, i.e., adequate warm-ups, stretching and breaks for rest in games and practices.
  3. Kids’ shoes should be in good condition, fit properly and be appropriate for the sport.
  4. Kids should wear protective knee pads if appropriate for the sport.
  5. Children can maintain and improve their coordination and balance by training all year long, not just during their sport’s season.
  6. Muscles should be warmed up before stretching. Stretching helps muscles stay flexible. It also increases blood flow and lengthens the muscles for optimal use.
  7. Don’t let them play when they’re injured. When it hurts, they shouldn’t play. They’ll be setting themselves up for an even more serious injury. And will set them aside for an even longer time.

Involved and caring parents can help children prevent sports-related knee injuries by following these simple tips.

Ruby H. Moseley, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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