The Fine Line Between Paranoia and Child Injury Prevention

group of multiracial kidsWe believe the best way to treat an injury is to (if at all possible) prevent it from happening in the first place.  This is especially true with our children.  Our guest blogger has compiled a small list of ways to help our children play safe without taking drastic measures!

Put Away The Bubble Wrap

As the parent of three small boys I ride the fine line between paranoia and letting my kids be kids. It’s not easy. I look back at my own childhood and cringe at some of the things I did. I have a hard time not covering my kids in bubble wrap and making them sit on the couch while their friends play outside.

I finally decided that I need to take a chance. No matter what I do, kids are going to get hurt. It’s my job as a parent to minimize that hurt, make sure it’s not serious, and allow them to be free.

So, no knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, shoulder pads, and a kevlar vest to walk to the mailbox. My main maxims are these…

  • Stay out of reach if it’s something sharp.
  • Wear a helmet if it rolls and doesn’t have a seat belt.
  • Always watch where you’re walking.
  • Three points of contact at all times.

Everything else kind of falls into place.

Dr. David Powers, Cultural Architect, Master of the Art of Living


About the Author: Dr. David Powers is known as a Cultural Architect. In this role he regularly conducts seminars and consults with both businesses and individuals on balancing the various aspects of life and making the pieces fit. Considered a human puzzlemaster, he has a penchant for deciphering how a client’s uniquities create a recipe for success. He has written over a dozen books and more than 500 articles for newspapers and magazines. His travels include almost a dozen countries in search of good coffee. While searching he has made it a goal to climb highpoints, especially the Seven Summits. Notable recent expeditions include Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa and Mt. Kosciuszko, Australia. He is a decorated veteran of both the Marine Corps and Army, and a founding member of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Dr. Powers is a certified genius and member of the Mensa Society. He is married and the proud father of three feral boys that he and his wife homeschool.

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