The Benefits of Keeping Your Kids Active

This is an arrangement of several sports items.It’s no secret that video games and snack foods aren’t exactly letting your kids be the very best that they can be.  Sure, everything in small doses can absolutely be okay.  Keeping your kids healthy doesn’t mean you have to deprive them of the things that, well, kids do.  In moderation, these things are fine.  The key word here however, is ‘moderation.’  The benefits of activity far outweigh sedentary behavior – some of which may even surprise you.

Here are just a few of our favorite benefits:

Controlling Weight

Of course, kids go through phases and some of these phases mean increased weight.  A healthy increase in weight is completely normal, but busy parents can easily fall into the trap of thinking that a little weight gain is “just a phase” that the child will shortly come out of.  In all truth, a little weight gain is totally normal, as children are developing and adjusting to their own bodies.  Keeping an active lifestyle limits this weight increase to a healthy number and helps reduce obesity.

Regulating Sleep

No matter the age of your child(ren), you’ve probably experienced at least a few nights of sleepless behavior.  Adding an exercise regimen can help your family get a better night’s sleep.  Not only does exercise obviously help tire you and your family out, but it also helps the body’s system regulate the quality of sleep that you and your kids will have throughout the night.

Improving Mental Health

You don’t want to think that your child may be struggling emotionally; none of us do.  But the fact is that many kids struggle with stress, self-confidence, and overall happiness in their day-to-day lives.  Kids of any age are subject to learning about their bodies and minds and as they explore more, they’re more likely to be subject to negative effects that can come from being inactive.  Exercise and endorphins are friends, and these endorphins can create a happiness that can battle even the saddest of emotions, particularly when they are released on a regular schedule.

Increasing Socialization

Okay, so we admit that your kids may have best friends that love playing video games together.  But how did they meet these friends?  It wasn’t likely when they were sitting in front of the TV or computer.  Your kids are going to meet other kids when they’re out and about; whether it’s at school, a social activity, or a sport, they need to be out and about to meet new friends.  When you get your kids into activities, they’ll meet other kids their age, with whom they immediately share at least one interest.  Sports can also help teach kids how to be appropriately competitive and how to lose gracefully, while making friends and creating habits that can last a lifetime.

Written by: Lana Titus, Creator of Rev Fitness


About the Author

Lana is a mother of 3 and the creator of Rev Fitness! After gaining 40lbs with her first daughter and struggling to lose the weight, Lana began her fitness journey. After learning how to properly eat and exercise she began sharing her knowledge with others as a personal trainer. She has appeared in numerous fitness magazines and worked as a fitness expert on many shows such as TLC’s Real Simple Real Life. As a mother of 3, Lana has struggled for many years at finding the best way to get a great workout and not feel bad about leaving her kids in front of a TV or left at a daycare with little supervision. This is where the idea for Rev Fitness was created. What makes Rev Fitness special is that adults can get the best workout possible in an energizing upscale environment while kids are also staying active.


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