Healthy School Lunches For Your Kids Oral Health

biggersandAs the mother of a picky 8 year old boy, who loves to take his lunch to school every day, it’s my job to make sure I provide him with healthy lunch options. His favorite food is Chef Boyardee. Unfortunately this is a highly acidic food, and foods high in acid (i.e. fruits and their juices) consumed on a regular basis will harm your tooth’s enamel. Enamel, the protective layer that fight’s against decay, cannot be replaced.

Research has found that some of the best food choices for your kid’s teeth are filled with calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and offer a healthy crunch. Low-fat or fat-free dairy products are filled with calcium and are healthy. Eating a hard cheese will neutralize acids in food that can harm enamel. Cheese is also full of protein, which gives you energy and keeps you full longer.

Most fish and egg yolks offer an excellent Vitamin D source, and help absorb calcium for healthy teeth. Fruits and vegetables with a healthy crunch (i.e. carrots, apples, pears, celery) increase saliva production which helps remove plaque-causing bacteria from the teeth. They also increase saliva production which will help neutralize bacteria in the mouth.

If you eat apples slow you will expose your teeth to damaging acid. To avoid acid build up, always brush before you eat and drink a glass of water or rinse immediately after eating.

Want more specific ideas for a good school lunch to help maintain your kid’s oral health? Then try some of these:

  • Fresh/canned/frozen fruits (no added sugars), vegetable/bean salad, celery, and carrots with low-fat ranch dressing/yogurt or low fat sour cream
  • Tuna on a whole wheat tortilla wrap, low or no salt pretzels (pretzel kabobs made with lean cold cuts and cheese) or whole wheat crackers and cheese
  • Peanut butter & jelly on mini waffles or rice cakes, instead of bread for a healthier snack/meal and water.
  • Low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese, or a yogurt smoothie
  • Zucchini muffins or banana bread with a side of fruit and vegetables
  • Trail mix with whole grain yogurt-covered cereal, nuts, pretzels, dried fruit or raisins, and a few chocolate morsels (full of vitamins, calcium, and fiber)

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Written by: Jamacia Magee, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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Good & Bad Foods For Healthy Teeth

A variety of delicious culinary products.Since childhood, we are being advised to take care of our teeth, which is probably the first advice that our parents give us. Teeth brushing in the morning and just before going to bed is a habit that we develop and which becomes more of our seventh sense than a hygienic necessity. Some kids are quite enthusiastic about teeth brushing whenever they are asked, while some are extremely reluctant. However, apart from keeping the teeth clean there are other factors that can have a major contribution in keeping our teeth healthy so they should be clearly understood by each and every one of us.

There happen to be some edibles that are normally known to be good as far as our overall health is concerned. However, when it comes to our teeth they could be quite fatal. Perhaps there are many people all over the world who do not have much inkling about such foods, as a result of which they do not pay much attention to their dental health. Same goes for their kids as well, who often come across with dental problems such as pain and decaying of the teeth. Hence, paying attention to what we eat and when we eat them can prove to be quite handy in the long run.

Nowadays, even a 3 year old child knows that things like lollies and sweets are bad for your teeth. Although this is not surprising, people are caught off guard when they hear that certain healthy foods are unkind to their teeth and can cause them to rot. This is very much the reason why many parents are unable to understand why their child has cavities provided that they have such a “good diet.” Often in an attempt to give their family a healthy diet, they are actually overloading on sugars and acids that are not good for teeth.

Since this is a very serious issue and people are not aware of the food items harmful for teeth, it is good to have some idea about them. For example, fruit juices like orange, grapefruit and pineapple juice are rich in natural sugars, so they can be good for your general health but not for your dental health. Dried fruits like raisins and sultanas are known to be cancer-fighting antioxidants, but can stick to your teeth for hours acting as a constant drip feed of sugar. Similarly, starches like potatoes, white bread, white rice and yogurt often contain added sugar, which is quite acidic so it erodes tooth enamel.

When someone becomes conscious about dental health, he or she would like to know about the foods that keep the teeth healthy. With sugar content present in almost everything that your body requires, it virtually becomes impossible to choose the one that best fits into this category. However, fruits and vegetables are known to have high water content, thus they are highly beneficial for tooth and gum health. This is actually because the water percentage present in the food dilutes the sugars present in the foods. These types of foods greatly enhance the flow of saliva inside the mouth and this also protects against tooth decay.

Apart from the above, crunchy fruits and vegetables are the best ones and they are the healthiest too. Examples of fruits and vegetables that are most recommended for your dental health are carrots, pumpkin, celery, and broccoli. For certain reasons, celery has unlimited benefits for dental health because it makes you chew more, thus helps in massaging the gums and keeping teeth clean and healthy. Onions are known to contain some effective anti-bacterial sulfur compounds. Research has shown that onions are helpful in killing various types of bacteria, so eating raw and fresh onions can help you maintain good dental health.

When it comes to choosing beverages, you should always make a smart choice by choosing beverages that do not stain your teeth or cause any form of enamel erosion. The most recommended beverages that are good for your dental health are green tea, plain drinking water, and herbal teas. You can also enjoy the unsweetened teas that are good for health. These natural teas contain antioxidants that check plaque from sticking to your teeth, so there is less risk of gum diseases or cavities. Drinking natural teas also holds back the growth of bacteria, and fights the problems of bad breath.

Written by: Dr. Rima Peters, DDS


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Dr. Rima Peters is a highly professional dentist in Tempe, AZ.  She runs Warner Village Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, the number one dental practice in Tempe. Dr. Rima Peters received her dental training from Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine and graduated in 2004 with honors.  She excelled in the classroom, but enjoyed the time she spent with her patients most. With so many continuous improvements in diagnosis and treatment options, Dr. Peters keeps her self updated through continuing education and maintains an active role in her local study club.  She is also a certified provider for Invisalign.

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