5 Ways to Help Teens Cope With Stress

doctor-for-teen-homepageIsn’t it amazing how time flies when you’re a parent? One minute you’re planning your child’s 1st birthday party, and the next you’re scolding him or her about dishes left in the sink. But wait a minute? You were a teen, right? You experienced peer pressure and stress, didn’t you?

Also remember, when you were a teen you didn’t have bazillions of social networks where cyberbullying takes place. Maybe your teen has a good reason for being moody and having an “I don’t care attitude,” which is why he or she leaves dirty dishes in the sink. Before you lash out at your teen and say something you’ll regret, check out the ways listed below that will help you to help your teen handle and cope with stress.

5 Ways to Help Teens Cope with Stress

Open and honest communication

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