Summer Concert Healthy Hearing Tips

In addition to warmer weather, music concerts are some of the fun outdoor activities that make people look forward to summer. However, these enjoyable musical extravaganzas are not harmless. Their noise levels can range from 110 decibels (dB) to 140 dB which is way above the 85 dB cutoff level that experts agree damages hair cells in the ear and can lead to permanent deafness.

Use Ear Plugs

To prevent summer concert hearing damage one of the first things you can do is buy foam ear plugs and wear them during the concert. These disposable ear protection devices are relatively inexpensive and they can be purchased from drug stores without a prescription. The fact that they can reduce noise levels by 15 to 30 dB makes them very wise investments.

Choose Your Seats Wisely

Another summer concert healthy hearing tip is to choose seats that are not close to the speaker since they have the highest noise levels. If you cannot choose where to sit or stand, position your body so that you are at an angle from the speakers and not directly in front of them. If you cannot see where the speakers are placed, move to another part of the venue if you have to shout to speak to the person next to you because that suggests the sound is too loud and it is damaging your ears.

Take Breaks

A third thing you can do to protect your ears during summer concerts is to take 10 minute breaks in the concessions area or restrooms between performances. These breaks will give your ears time to recover from the loud noises bombarding them.

Leave If Needed

A fourth summer concert healthy hearing tip is to leave the concert immediately if you develop ringing or pain in your ears.

Written by: Marian Kim, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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