Stay Active & Healthy and Prevent Obesity

rainbow-food-4Obesity is extremely common now, so it is very important to find ways to prevent our bodies from becoming a haven for fat deposits (that can build around the organs when there is too much for the body to break down), high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart conditions. Obesity affects all aspects of a person’s life.

Here are some helpful tips to stay healthy and prevent obesity:

1) Exercise

Exercise can not only increase our metabolism and help one to lose weight but it raises the good hormones such as endorphines (the chemical that makes us feel love), serotonin (the chemical in our brain that makes us feel happy) and also dopamine (the chemical that helps us to learn.) It can make a person feel refreshed, light, energized and because there is more oxygen going to the brain and everywhere else it can prevent stress and can keep us healthy.

2) Swap snacks for fruit and veggies

Fruit and veggies are mainly fiber which gives the feeling of fullness and helps digestion. There are ways to make fruit and veggies taste better. For example, make a smoothie but add agave nectar (a plant based sugar which tastes like honey) to sweeten it. You can roast a medley of vegetables and put salt on it (a little bit of salt.) Instead of salt you can also use lemon juice, lime juice, mango extract (also known as amchoor) or even onion salt. You can add fat free vinegrette to salad. Also make a dip from fat free yogurt and salt. You can dip things like celery, carrots and cucumber.

3) Drinking plenty of water can keep you feeling full

Water not only hydrates us but can makes us feel refreshed, help our metabolism, help to get rid of toxins in our body and can prevent acidity as it neutralizes the acid in our stomach. It can also help prevent mucus build up.

4) Go for a walk or a jog

Even 10 minutes of walking or jogging a day can keep one healthy. The fresh air provides one with more oxygen.

5) Walk up and down the stairs or up and down hills

Walking up and down stairs is an easy way to stay active. This can make the leg and stomach muscles stronger. Instead of taking the elevator at the mall, take the stairs. Or find a hilly park and have fun chasing the kids up and down, and have them chase each other.

Written by: Arti Chauhan, Guest Blogger

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