Signs & Symptoms of Diabetes in Children

Happy kidsDiabetes is a condition which needs to be recognized early so that its serious complications can be prevented. Knowing the signs and symptoms of diabetes in children is therefore important, since some of its complications like blindness and amputated limbs cannot be reversed.

Feeling very hungry is one of the most common symptoms of diabetes. This excessive hunger is even experienced after the child eats a lot of food. In addition, it is also paradoxically associated with losing weight due to the body breaking down muscle and fat for energy.

Lack of energy and extreme fatigue are other symptoms associated with diabetes. These symptoms are also often associated with poor concentration in school. Irritability is another sign of diabetes, which develops as a result of reduced energy levels.

Another common symptom of diabetes in children is frequent urination. This urination, which is usually worst at night, leads to excessive thirst and drinking a lot of water.

Blurred vision is another sign of diabetes, which is caused by the lenses of the eyes becoming dry. This blurry vision may also be associated with inability to focus the eyes.

Cuts and bruises that take a long time to heal or that do not heal properly are other signs of diabetes in children. Other skin symptoms of diabetes include frequent infections as well as itching and dryness. Recurrent gum and bladder infections are other clues that may suggest that a child has diabetes.

Written by: Marian Kim, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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