September is National Children’s Good Manners Month

ng_girls_with_healthy_self_esteem_-_02-07-14September is National Children’s Good Manners Month. One of the biggest complaints from parents is that children nowadays are disrespectful and have poor manners. With the media and video games as our children’s teachers, it is little wonder. Parents need to remember that good manners should start at home. Parents need to set the example for the proper way to behave.

Back-to-school time is a great time to start fresh with your child’s behavior training. Good manners should start at home. Unfortunately if parents don’t know how to behave, then children rarely have a chance to learn etiquette skills. Nowadays, most parents send their children off to daycare or school with the attitude of “You fix ’em–I don’t have time.”

Here are just a few tips to get you started teaching your children manners:

  • Teach them to take turns and to share.
  • Teach them not to interrupt when someone else is talking.
  • Teach them to say “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me.”
  • Teach your child to wait their turn.
  • Teach your child the importance of being honest.
  • Teach your child the importance of good sportsmanship…not everyone will be a winner and children need to know that when they do not win, it’s not the end of the world!

One of the best places to begin teaching your child good manners is at the dinner table.  You can teach your child to put her napkin in their lap, keep elbows off the table, and chew with her mouth closed.  These are all behaviors that you can model for her.  You can also use phrases like “Please pass the corn” and “Thank you” when you receive it.  This is a good place to teach them to take turns while passing around plates of food, and sharing what food there is.

Parents should take responsibility and teach their children how to behave before they send them off to school. Remember that today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders.

Sharing is Caring!