Screen-Free Activities For Kids

Little girl on country bike ride with momExcessive screen time has been associated with lower reading scores, poor school performance, disturbances of sleep patterns, being overweight and violent behavior.

It is therefore important to limit screen time for your children to one hour a day for those who are less than 12 years and two hours for teens. This restriction can be done by steering them towards screen free activities that they enjoy.


Reading is a great summer activity, since children can be taken to bookstores or libraries to choose the books that appeal to them. Those who cannot read can have audio books played for them to boost their imagination.

Art Projects

Art projects are other summer activities that can be tailored to suit children of different ages. For example younger children can be given water paints and encouraged to use their fingers, while older ones can be given paintbrushes and oil paints to create works of art that will be used to decorate the home.


Cooking simple meals or baking cookies, cakes and other treats that they will enjoy are other summer activities that are double beneficial since they are screen-free and they teach children a valuable life skill. Gardening is another superb activity since it also imparts important life lessons.

Gender Specific Ideas

Girls who do not want to play in dirt can be enticed to make simple beauty products like bath salts which they can use or give as presents. Boys on the other hand might have more fun dissembling and reassembling broken down clocks, radios and other items found in the home.

Outdoor Fun

Scheduling time to exercise outdoor as a family is another summer screen-free activity that children can learn to enjoy. These sessions can include riding bikes, playing team games like volleyball or just taking simple walks. These family fun times can also be extended into weekend camping trips and nature trail hikes to encourage more bonding.

Written by: Marian Kim, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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