Learn to Enjoy & Connect With Simple Moments to Reduce Stress

Family in convertible car smilingFamilies are generally racing from here to there with socializing, sports, TV, computer and other activities and no time to be. I’ve even heard little kids say I’m stressed; I’m bored – where did they learn that? It’s time to go back to the basics and for the whole family to learn to connect with themselves positively and with nature too.

Be Playful

It’s important for parents to learn to be calm and playful and then it naturally flows over to their children. Get the endorphins flowing through positive breathing, laughter and play within ordinary moments. This keeps you young as you reduce your stress and stay playful. Exploring nature and simple fun moments are vital ingredients to cultivate passion, happiness and positive health. Like baking a cake, if you include all the right ingredients it cooks well, rises and tastes divine. Life is like that too. When you include uplifting experiences that ignite your inner flame, great things unfold.

Be Present

If you’re a new Mom or have children at different ages, what I’m about to share will bring you some balance. You’ll feel grounded, uplifted and in tune with seasonal shifts. A critical factor in being happy is learning to recognize the present moment and how you feel. Often individuals go through difficult times as they keep reliving their past and don’t realize what an impact it has on their happiness levels in the present moment. My number one tip is to accept where you are at in life and leave the past where it is. Learn from it, plan for the future and learn what the subtleness of the present moment is so you can truly live.

Just Be

Here we go… let’s start to get to know the present moment and learn to just be and play (you could be with your baby or children). Lets say it’s spring and it’s time to get out in nature. If you’re in the city think of a lovely park or beach you can explore.

  1. As you head out the door start your story. Create an adventure and use your imagination. Most importantly, let go of self judgment – as this is play time for you and your child and this process helps activate your own personal creatively that may have become lost or never been activated.
  2. Notice the color of the sky, talk about this with your child or just notice the clouds – what do they look like? Notice the air – how does it feel on your face? How does it smell? Can you smell that familiar spring blossom smell or haven’t you ever noticed it? Take time to notice. As you’re walking along watch the trees and flowers.
  3. Notice what is going on around you. Spot the birds and notice their chatter. Notice the types of birds that are around for the season. These are simple things, but lots of people don’t notice what is going on around them.
  4. Take the air in through the nose and out through the nose. That will get your endorphins flowing. Cultivate a steady, easy manner, share the breathing with your child and everyone will start to feel good, be calm, and be more present. Your breath will bring you in rhythm with the positive flow of life. Add a soft smile on your face that will also active serotonin, your natural uplifting chemical. Experiencing sunlight also impacts the brain to release serotonin and will uplift your mood.

It’s important to laugh, play and be…. Get some conversation unfolding, build your relationships and communication as it will unfold for life.

Remember your family bounces off you. If you’re stressed and worried, they’ll learn to be stressed and worried too. Your best gift to you and your family is to learn to be calm. Notice your breath and apply your positive breathing, smile, laugh, sing, play, use your imagination, explore nature. Uplift yourself and your family today. When you’re calm they’ll mirror you and you’ll all be calm, creative and happy.

Written by: Jane Ribinskas, Director – Wellbeing Expert, Yoga Concepts


About the Author

Jane Ribinskas offers over 25 years of teaching, developing (The Knowing Flow” vinyasa yoga sequences) and practicing Yoga and other healing modalities . She also comes from a corporate HR background, teaching and delivering workshop presentations, offering skills and techniques for individuals to embrace positive mental, physical, and emotional health and being happy.

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