Keeping Your Child Happy and Quiet After Surgery

Mom and Daughter Having FunA child can become bored quickly, as we all know. Their little energetic bodies want to play and run.
But after surgery and during recuperation, a child’s boredom can become troublesome if they become active too soon. That is, unless they are adequately entertained. Keeping your child happy and quiet after surgery will enable their bodies to heal, while their minds are contentedly occupied. How does this magically happen, you ask?
No magic involved…just adequate and creative planning. Here are four ways to keep your child happy and quiet after surgery.

  1. Warm Fuzzies: Hold hands, or snuggle with her. Give her a heating pad. Give her a lot of touch and warmth. Spend time talking, playing board games, and reading to each other. Watch movies together.
  2. Open Visitation: Invite your child’s aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, and grandparents to pay quiet visits to your recuperating “patient”. This can also give you some needed time off to get errands done, or just get out of the house. A mental break when you’re caring for a recuperating child can be helpful to both of you.
  3. Crafty Times: Have supplies on hand for your child’s inner artist to flourish during recuperation. Markers, coloring books, doodle pads, crayons and other art supplies are easy to handle and handy when a child is bedridden. Play music that your child enjoys while she is creating. Try origami.
  4. Faves: Bring out your child’s old favorites, like her teddy bear, pillow, or soft fuzzy blankie she used to hold while she sucked her thumb. Serve her favorite foods, like ice cream, puddings, snacks and special drinks.

Be aware that children may get cranky and fussy. Be sure to report this to her doctor, as it might be an indication of pain. But most of it will be normal frustration from being kept in bed. Also, your child may even revert to younger behaviors during recuperation. Don’t let this be alarming. Your positive, reassuring comments and behavior will bring comfort to her, and aid in keeping your child happy and quiet during that important time of recuperation after a surgery.


Ruby Holder Moseley, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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