If Your Sweetie Pies are Looking for Sugary Snacks, Try These Alternatives

Healthy-Snacks-List-1Of course kids love their sugary snacks, but there are tons of other options available to satisfy their cravings for flavorful food that don’t have to involve the unhealthy refined white stuff.

Here are a few of our healthy food favorites:



If you’re under the impression that hummus is boring, think again! These days you can find hummus in all kinds of flavors. We love roasted red pepper hummus and sundried tomato hummus. If your kids are adventurous, you can find spicier flavors, and if they’re looking for something a little sweeter, look for lemony flavors. Hummus is great with any veggie, so satisfy a sweet tooth with slices of red bell peppers or get crispy with some pita chips. Want to make it a family affair? Grab the kids and make homemade hummus together!

Apricot-Almond Granola

This one is great for a little bit of sweet with the apricots and a little bit of crunch with the granola. If your kids aren’t big on apricots, substitute dried strawberries or bananas. You can pack this fiber-packed snack in baggies or plastic containers and take it anywhere with you for the times when those sudden munchies attack.

Cheese and Fruit Kabobs

This sweet and filling combo will be great for almost any sweet tooth. If your kids are old enough to handle skewers, thread strawberries, grapes, and cheese cubes onto wooden skewers. If they’re not quite old enough for the sharp sticks, just throw the ingredients into a bowl, and toss them so they’re mixed up. For a dipping sauce use yogurt and honey with mixed up fruit, or add a little sour cream if it suits your family.

Peanut Butter and Honey Banana Pops

Use peanut butter and honey to make your own frozen pops, using healthy cereals for crunchy, fibrous, and nutritious flakes that can easily be crunched up into the perfect coating. With this option you’re providing fruit and fiber to your kids, and they’ll think they’re just getting a great sweet treat.

Amazing Muffins

You can sneak almost anything into something that looks like a cupcake! Fruits and veggies make amazing batter ingredients for amazing muffins. Zucchini, carrots, and bananas are fantastic ingredients for muffins that will help you sneak healthy items into your kids’ menus without them even knowing. If your kids are more apt to eat one taste over another, search out recipes that include those ingredients. Broccoli, apples, bananas, and prune juice can easily find their way into recipes for muffins that will make your little ones jump for joy.

Yogurt Pops

A little bit of yogurt and frozen berries can make amazing popsicles that your little ones will be more than happy to munch on after dinner or between nutritious meals!

Written by: Lana Titus, Creator of Rev Fitness


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Lana is a mother of 3 and the creator of Rev Fitness! After gaining 40lbs with her first daughter and struggling to lose the weight, Lana began her fitness journey. After learning how to properly eat and exercise she began sharing her knowledge with others as a personal trainer. She has appeared in numerous fitness magazines and worked as a fitness expert on many shows such as TLC’s Real Simple Real Life. As a mother of 3, Lana has struggled for many years at finding the best way to get a great workout and not feel bad about leaving her kids in front of a TV or left at a daycare with little supervision. This is where the idea for Rev Fitness was created. What makes Rev Fitness special is that adults can get the best workout possible in an energizing upscale environment while kids are also staying active.


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