Ideas To Help Make This A Great Father’s Day For Dad

Pixmac000012080047When it comes to family, every day they are around is a gift. The United States is preparing to celebrate Father’s Day in a few weeks (3rd Sunday in June). A holiday established to compliment Mother’s Day, and celebrate fatherhood/male parenting, sometimes dads may not get the recognition they truly deserve.

This year instead of just giving dad another tie, that old bottle of Old Spice and gift certificate to Sizzlers, let’s make him feel really special for who he is and what he does all year round. One of the best ways to do this is to brainstorm in advance and to show dear ole dad you really put some thought into his gift this year.

My dad enjoys fishing in his spare time. One year the family all got together and chartered a fishing boat for fishing, sightseeing and dolphin watching. A chef on board prepared a beautiful lunch buffet, including my dad’s favorite foods, and we enjoyed some tasty drinks. To say that he really enjoyed himself would be an understatement. He was so overcome with joy and so was the family because we were able to do something with and for my dad that he loved.

As you ponder your own great Father’s Day ideas here’s a few to help get you started:

  1. Sign him up for a cooking class.
  2. Volunteer your time and/or donate to a cause near and dear to your dad.
  3. Have a beautiful portrait taken of you, your siblings (and grandchildren if any) and put it in a special monogrammed ‘2015 Dad’ frame.
  4. Give him a specially engraved Time Piece.
  5. If he enjoys beer you could sign him up to take a local tour and brewery class.
  6. A spa certificate for a massage.
  7. A gift card for him to spend any way he chooses.
  8. Pay for him to take golf lessons.
  9. Take dad and the family out for a day on a boat or a fishing excursion.
  10. Gather some old family pictures, including some of your dad when he was younger. You could create a nice slide show, and take a little trip down memory lane before you enjoy a dinner of dad’s favorite foods all prepared by the family with love.

No matter what you choose to do for your dad or get him for Father’s Day, as long as you put thought and love into your gift I’m sure he will enjoy it.

Written by: Jamacia Magee, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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