How To Teach Your Kids To Be Accountable

mother and sonTeaching kids accountability is merely making them responsible. This means that their choices will have consequences, and that they are to make the choice to follow rules, do their school work, chores, etc. This life skill should begin being taught at an early age.

Responsible parents will teach their kids that accountability is not only completing a task, but having pride in it and having the right attitude about it. It’s not just about doing what they’re told, but doing what they know is expected of them, and ultimately without being told.

To help parents ingrain accountability in children, these words of wisdom from experts are worth taking note of:

Get them to help

Children and young adults feel valued when they are asked to participate in the running of the household.

Praise them

“I like the way you did your chores without being told” will give the child positive reinforcement for their appropriate behavior.

Identify the effects of not being responsible, so that they are more and more aware of the concept

Identify cause and effect: The hard part of this is to stick to the consequences, i.e., “Because you didn’t finish your homework, you cannot watch football tonight.”

Own your own choices

When you admit your own mistakes, children see responsible behavior in action, making it easier to do the same. Don’t blame someone else for your poor choices.

Create a culture of responsibility in the home

By identifying each family member’s jobs, or responsibilities, and talking often about them, there’ll be more awareness of how being accountable makes a successful life.

Remind of what is expected

Give cues to your child to help them along the way to make responsible choices. Go over the house rules often, and connect to the ramifications of not following them.

Children thrive when they know what is expected of them, especially their duties and what happens when they don’t do them. If you own your behavior and choices, you’ll be modeling this important life skill for your children to learn.

Written by: Ruby Moseley, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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