How To Teach Tweens & Teens Healthy Habits

Friends showing placardThere are three main things you can do to help teach your tween or teen healthy habits:

1) Be a Role Model

Regardless of the specific type of healthy habit that a parent wants to teach their tween or teen, the most important thing they can do is model them. Therefore if you are trying to inculcate healthy eating habits, let your tweens see you choosing fruits over sweets for dessert and water over soda. If you are trying to teach your teens how to be safe on the road, let them see you buckle up on every trip regardless of its length.

2) Involve Them in the Process

The second thing a parent can do to teach their tween or teen healthy habits is involve them in the habit decision making process. Therefore if you are trying to impress upon your tween the importance of exercising regularly, ensure they accompany you when you go shopping for your running shoes so that they can also choose a pair for themselves. If you are trying to make your teens excited about eating healthily, let them shop and prepare meals for the family once a week. Giving them this responsibility and complementing their delicious dishes will encourage them to continue choosing healthy foods.

3) Teach Them

The third thing a parent can do to teach their tween and teen healthy habits is just that: teach them. This can be done during special mom-tween or dad-teen dates. These rendezvous can include shopping trips to the mall or sporting activities during which the parent can discuss these and other topics. These talks should be enjoyable and avoid direct criticism of the child’s unhealthy habits, since this is usually not effective.

Written by: Marian Kim, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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