How To Make Time For Family Fun During the Holidays

Happy christmasBetween shopping, cooking, shopping, wrapping, shopping, planning, shopping, shopping, and more shopping, how does one find time for “family fun” during the holidays, as busy as they are?  The most important part of holidays is being with family. The gathering, laughing, hugs, kisses and enjoying traditions, are the most important facets of the season.

Here are a few ways to find time for fun with your family–making memories, and perhaps all new traditions–during this holiday season:


Mark your calendar for family fun, before the time slips away, like you know it will. You may want to research the exact dates for the Nutcracker that you’ve always missed, or the tree lighting downtown. Put it in your planner and announce that you are doing it this year…yay!! It’s so easy to lose track of the days when the clock is running.


You cannot do everything, you know that. Time, money and energy must be kept into account. Think about making it a “family Christmas date.” Some people give activities instead of gifts. Ask your children what they might want to “do,” instead of “get.” This could be one way of making memories that don’t need all that wrapping paper.


Find out what each family member would love to do. There are so many special activities at this time of year to choose from. You might want to do something new for a change….like the Singing Christmas Tree, your town’s Christmas parade, driving together to see the holiday light displays, or attending a play.


Family fun doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money or doing fancy activities. Consider teaching your children about the hungry by serving at the Soup Kitchen. Give a holiday smile to the poor by donating items in person. Cheer up an elderly person, maybe one in your own family, by singing carols and visiting anytime during December.

The holidays can be more meaningful and memorable by making time for family fun. Whenever family is together, it can be fun. Make things light, not serious, and joke around and tease. This will make family fun during the holidays something your loved ones will cherish, and want to repeat again next year.

Written by: Ruby Holder Moseley, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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