Home Trampolines – Keeping Your Kids Safe

Big fun - child jumping trampolineBackyard trampoline accidents are one of the most common causes of injuries in children and teenagers. These injuries include fractures of the knees, ankles, ribs and spine with those of the forearm and elbow being the most common.

Other injuries that can be sustained by children jumping on trampolines include concussions and other head injuries, joint dislocations, muscle sprains and strains, cuts, bruises and bloody noses.

Parents can prevent trampoline related accidents by ensuring that it sits on an even surface far away from trees and other potential hazards. The trampoline should also have adequate shock-absorbing, protective padding on the frame. Parents should also erect a safety net around it and instruct their children never to bounce against it.

Parents should also ban trampoline jumping when they are not at home so that the trampoline users are supervised to ensure no somersaults are performed. Somersaults can cause severe head and neck injuries. Parents should also make sure that only one child jumps on the trampoline at any one time, since most injuries occur when there is more than one person using it.

Parents should encourage their children to exercise by riding bikes and playing basketball and other outdoor games, rather than by jumping on trampolines. In 1999, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a recommendation stating that parents should not buy backyard trampolines or allow their children to use home trampolines because of the many injuries sustained by children playing on them.

Written by: Marian Kim, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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