Holiday Break: 5 Activities to Keep the Kids Busy & Create Memories

Santa holding magical lights in handsThe holidays are upon us, and pretty much every kid I know is counting the days ‘til the start of holiday break. They’ve worked hard at school since August or September, and it’s time to relax for a week or two and just be a kid.

And the parents are excited about the kids being home too, right? Ah, well, maybe not so much. While visions of sugar plums dance through the kids heads, visions of “How am I going to keep the kids busy?” dance through their parent’s heads and strike fear into the hearts of even the most brave moms and dads. To help with that a little, here are 5 ideas from the article “21 Things to Do During Christmas Break” on


When we think of the holidays, we think of food. Cookies and cakes and pies are as big a part of this time of year as the presents are.  Let the kids do as much of the work as they are able, and if possible use the opportunity to teach them a little about how to read a recipe and measure ingredients. For many of us, those times spent in the kitchen with Mom or Grandma created very fond memories. I’d even add something to that suggestion; take what’s been baked to a shut-in, a local nursing home, a senior center, or the pediatric ward if there’s a hospital nearby.


Most cities, even in the warmer climates, have an indoor skating rink or an outside one set up for the season. This could be especially fun if you live in a warm area, since it’s not something you most likely do regularly.


Drive or walk around your neighborhood at night and admire everyone’s lights and decorations. I know as a kid, I always looked forward to this. In fact, I still do! Especially the displays many communities put up and are free to enjoy.


Take the kids shopping after Christmas to spend the money and gift cards they’ve received. I think I’d try to take one kid at a time to make it an extra special occasion, and I’d also use it as an opportunity to teach them some basic financial skills; budgeting, decision making, and consequences. What I wouldn’t do though, is try to tell them how to spend their money.


Dust off the family videos and pop them into the DVD player. I think this is a great idea, because it brings the family together and reminds everyone of fun times from the past.

I hope this has given you some good ideas and I would absolutely recommend checking out the rest of the article for more ideas. But mostly, I’d suggest remembering what the holidays are all about and enjoy the time you have with your kids, no matter what activities you plan. They’re only going to be kids for a little while, and these times are the things of which lifelong memories are made.

Written by: Tricia Doane, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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