Helping Children Understand the True Meaning of the Holidays

tree1e14f01d54c76ef23063170eParents can teach their children the true meaning of the holidays by involving them in activities that shift their focus from receiving to giving. A great way to begin doing this is in the gift planning stage. When children are writing down what they would like to receive, parents can also ask them to jot down what they will give to their friends and neighbors.

This gift giving by children does not have to be expensive since it can involve presenting homemade gifts like cookies. If money is not a problem, older children can be given the responsibility of choosing gift items that they really like from toy stores and then donating them to children who may not receive any gifts during the holidays.

Parents can also ask their children to choose a grieving or less fortunate family from their neighborhood that they will assist during the holiday season. They can also pick the meaningful acts of kindness that they will extend to them as their holiday present. These can range from packing homemade food hampers to donating some of their gently used toys to the children of that family.

Parents can also instill a spirit of generosity in their children by involving them in donating some of the family holiday money to charities that help children in third world countries like Unicef, World Vision and Oxfam.

They can even send teens to shop for the local food bank with money that the family has set aside for that purpose. Responsible children can also be encouraged to make and deliver cards to seniors in long-term care facilities.

Another thing that parents can do to teach their children the true meaning of the holidays is to volunteer their time. They can offer their services in places like homeless shelters and hospices where they can be accompanied by their older children. Seeing their parents take time from their busy schedule to give to less fortunate members of their society can also help inculcate a sense of generosity in children and help them avoid the materialism that characterizes the holiday season.

Written by: Marian Kim, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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