Creating A Kid Zone In Your Home

Young boy in living room with MP3 player smilingBusy lives and safety issues are driving many parents to keep their children closer to home.  Satisfying this need is the latest new trend in home renovation: kid zones.  These functional environments within the home are designed for kids to play and have fun in safety and security.

Kid zones can range from simple to spectacular, however, some of the basic needs of kids’ zones are universal. A kid zone creates a functional space for kids to relax and enjoy having friends over while preserving the rest of the home from messes and damage; it is a great place to keep all their games, toys, gadgets and other stuff; and perhaps most importantly parents can rest assured that the kids are safe and having a great time in the security of the home.

Choosing The Ideal Kid Zone Space

Designing the perfect kid zone area begins with choosing the space for the project.  For toddlers and small children, a quiet corner of a common room in the house may do nicely; providing just enough quiet to allow them to recharge and relax without completely isolating them from home activity.  A corner of the living room or family room would be ideal for children in this age range.

Older children and teenagers will enjoy privacy that a more separate area provides, while parents will enjoy the noise reduction that having a separate kid zone offers.  If not already adapted into a family area, a basement can make a great kid zone, with plenty of room for play and entertainment areas.  The attic of a home or garage works well, too.  Of course, a den or spare room is an ideal choice for conversion into a kid zone, with an option of having furniture pieces that offer extra sleeping space for visiting guests.

Furniture And Equipment Options

Generally, furniture choices for a kid zone for young children should be soft, with no sharp corners or edges that could be the source of injury.  Big floor cushions, a soft sofa or big soft chairs are a great place to start.  Child-size furniture is also important to have in a kid zone, such as a small round table and chairs or a mini-recliner or lounge chair.  Beanbag chairs can be great for extra seating for play-dates and sleepovers.  Fabric-covered bins are great for storage of just about any items, from toys and games to books and gadgets.  Built-in shelves with cubbyholes sized to fit the bins will help keep the room organized.

For older kids and teens, video games, movies and music will probably take center stage.  Gaming chairs and bean bags can provide comfortable floor seating for an intense gaming session, while a sectional sofa or a sofa bed or two can provide ample seating for watching movies or television.  A flat-screen television is a space-saving addition that can double as the screen for video gaming.  A multipurpose game table will offer non-electronic gaming options such as pool, foosball and air hockey, and many come with a flat top for card playing or board games.

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