Convincing Our Kids To Eat Healthy

Little asian girl with expression of disgust against broccoliIt’s not easy to convince your kids to eat anything, but as parents we are all too well aware of saying the word “healthy” around them is a flashing red light for “doesn’t taste good”, though this really isn’t true, we have to teach them that the stigma attached to food being good for them isn’t a fair stereotype.  Here are some helpful hints helping us help our kids.

How to Make Your Kids Eat Healthy and Whole Foods?

Healthy diet for kids is a major concern of all parents. Kids love to eat junk food because it tastes different than the regular home cooked food. Peer pressure and media is also playing its role in making the fast food look more delicious and tempting. This article is useful for parents who want to change the eating pattern of kids to healthy and completely cut down their intake of fast food. Following are some tested tips which many parents have found helpful:

    1. Ensure Availability of Healthy Food

Keep stocks of healthy food including fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy products at hand so when the kids are hungry, they can reach for it. This is a good idea for encouraging kids to eat healthy because when they will see only healthy food around, they would gradually develop inclination towards it.

    1. Develop Eating Schedules

No matter if your kid is a toddler, school going or about to enter teenage, you must develop an eating schedule for them and follow it religiously. Include three meals per day that are mostly fiber, dairy and protein based and two to three light snacks. Fix timings and make the kids eat only on specific timings. This will not only eliminate any irregular hunger cravings but also discipline your kids.

3. Cook with Kids

Another good idea to get the kids eat healthier is to involve them in cooking. You can ask the kids to pass you the ingredients and as you progress with the recipe, you can also share each step with them. Add more fun by singing a song together, sharing their childhood memories or narrating them favorite stories.

    1. Value the Healthy Preferences of Kids

It is not good to stuff your kids’ tummies with the healthy recipes of your own choice. Hear their voice too-find out what sort of healthy food they prefer to eat. Take your kids to the nearest super store and make them fill the trolley with their choice of healthy food including fruits and vegetables.

    1. Work on the Presentation of Food to Make it Appealing

Kids are picky eaters. In order to make the food look tempting, you need to wake up the artist in you. Add as many colors to the healthy bowl of food as you can because colors make the food more lively and delectable. You can cut the fruits and vegetables in different shapes and make cute faces or funny looking characters from them. You can even serve vegetables with some yummy dip sauces-this will make the kids enjoy their healthy food more.

    1. Cut Down on Junk Food Options in a Methodical Manner

Eliminate the junk food items from your kitchen and fridge and replace with healthy food choices, stepwise. If you see that your kid is indulged in a particular chips or snack bar then make it disappear and offer an attractive yet healthy replacement. Usually when families go out for shopping or otherwise, they have the only option of eating fast food from nearby restaurants. A good idea is to ensure that when your family is going out, place a basket in your car filled with water, low fat drinks, yogurt, fruits and vegetables so when the kids are hungry, they know they have to reach for the basket.

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