Connect With Your Children This Summer Vacation

Boy on Inflatable SlideThe summer months are here and it’s time to put away the books and have a little fun. But, arranging vacation schedules can be a difficult task. Julia Simens, author of Emotional Resilience and the Expat Child, reminds us of the important things we should focus on when planning the time we spend together with our children.

Drop Your “Tour Guide” Flag and Connect

When planning for a summer holiday the #1 mistake families make is dividing up the time “equally.” Equal is often not fair or in the best interest of the children. Parents need to modify their own thinking about time to ensure a wonderful holiday with their children.

If the enjoyment of seeing extended family is more for your benefit than the kids, rethink. Let the kids have fun and quality time doing what they want and you spend a few days of uninterrupted time with your family so you can get the connection that you need. Then focus on what your children need.

The #2 mistake we all make is planning too much in the short time we have together. To make a good family memory you need to have time to connect and bond so this leads to a strong emotion of feeling safe and loved. If you continue to be the “cruise director or travel quide” you are not making the close connections that you and your child need to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Quit carrying the tour guide “flag” and have some connection time. How can you create time to connect with your children?

Written by: Julia Simens, Author

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