Cheers to Your Kiddies’ Health!

Group Of Children Playing In ParkMy kids LOVE special smoothie treats!  So, we went on a search for some fun and healthy kid’s recipes.  Our guest author, Katrina Schenfield, shared her vegan version of Orange Julius with us, a healthy snack we can give our children without worrying about added sugar.

Vegan Orange Julius

A recipe that I really enjoy which kids love is a healthy vegan version of the “Orange Julius” drink. I mix orange juice, almond milk, vanilla extract and a little agave nectar together with some ice to create this cool, delicious concoction.

You’ll notice that I’ve left out the amounts of each ingredient and that’s because I’m a “little bit of this and a little bit of that” kind of a girl and hardly ever use measuring cups and spoons. But it’s a 3:1 ratio of orange juice to almond milk and just a pinch of vanilla.

If your child has a nut allergy then you can use soy milk, rice milk or whichever milk you choose. It’s delish, try it and enjoy!

Katrina Schenfield, Founder, Katixon


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