Be Frugal & Be Healthy

Coupon clippingEating healthy does not need to cost a fortune! With a few changes to your habits, you can dine well on a budget without needing to eat like a bird.

Here are a few helpful hints to get you started:

  • When food shopping, look at weekly ads to see the specials and print free grocery coupons online for even more savings. Focus on healthy sale items when you make your grocery list. After your list is created, check for a coupon to save even more on the sale prices.
  • Think outside the grocery store. Sometimes drugstores can have great sales on healthy grain cereals, and use their loyalty program to earn rewards you can redeem for more food later. Farmer’s markets can have low pricing on produce, or – if you are a gardener – grow them yourself!
  • When buying non-perishables and items you cannot use coupons on, make your purchases online from stores like Walmart or Target and use online coupons plus earn cash back.  Many times a portion of your transaction gets deposited into a free account and you can request a check when you are ready to cash out.
  • If a store like BJ’s or Sam’s Club has a free day, take advantage of the offer. From time to time these store extend “previews” to potential members where no paid membership is required for their special pricing. Shop at these discount stores to stock up on healthy items. You’ll buy in bigger quantities, but will pay a smaller price per unit.
  • After you’ve spent money on food and time cooking, don’t throw the extras away! Instead of tossing them in the trash, freeze or refrigerated healthy leftovers that can be reheated later on. You entire family, kids included, will enjoy!

Written by: Jon Lal, Founder of


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Jon Lal is a money saving expert and founder of the coupons & cash back website


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