Back To School Tips

7403731050_9a1ee480deNo one ever really feels ready to kick start another school year. It’s not easy for any family to adjust to routine all over again, but here are some ideas that can help you and the rest of the family ease in and make the transition a lot smoother, not to mention keeping organized and prepared. A little preparation will end up saving you from frustration later on, so you have a smooth and stress free start to your year.


Ease into the schedule change. During the last two weeks of summer, re-introduce a school year bedtime. Begin waking late sleepers earlier and earlier, closer to the hour they’ll need to rise when school begins. Also, start scheduling mealtimes and snack times if you don’t already, this will make their tummies more acclimated to the same time frame.


Create a calendar! Between all the notes and school calendars, after-school activities, school functions, lunch menus, etc., what do you do when you’re drowning in paperwork? Make a centralized site for all family calendars and schedules. You’ll need a family event calendar to track after-school activities, school programs and volunteer work. For more specific details, add post-it notes or specialized calendars if you are working electronically.


Plan before you shop. Lists, lists, lists. Did we mention lists? Make your meal plans for the week ahead of time and make a list of what you plan on doing. If the store doesn’t have the item you want on sale if you are budgeting, you can make adjustments, but in general if you stick to your plan and take a few hours on a Sunday to cook ahead, portion food out and prepare, it makes everything easier for both you and the kids.


Get your papers in order. By mid-summer you may want to schedule any allergist appointments, immunizations or sports physicals, and get all paperwork ready to give to the school. Sometimes a well visit or a specialist can take several months to schedule, so make sure you get it done as early as possible!


Breakfast, morning, get moving……….this can be the hardest to get back to, but make sure you allow yourself and the kids enough to time to get dressed, shower, load the backpacks (or an even better trick is to do that before bed), so they have time to sit and eat their breakfast. Also, give yourself a few extra minutes of leeway in the planning in case something does go off kilter and then you won’t be running late on a schedule that’s too rigid.

Once you get back in the swing of things, you and the kids will be back to your old routine in no time, and hopefully this just makes the switch that much easier.

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