9 Healthy, Easy After-Game Snacks

Group Of Children Playing In ParkBecause childhood obesity is now considered an epidemic, serving healthy foods to your child after the game will reward him or her for a job well done (even if they didn’t win). You can help him or her learn to maintain an appropriate weight, by modeling wise food choices.

Children are naturally thirsty after workouts. But, drinks with caffeine don’t hydrate a body that’s been sweating profusely. High-sugar foods or drinks don’t give the body what it needs after exercise. Water or natural juice will replenish the lost water from perspiring.

Kids devour carbohydrate-rich foods. Supplying the body with protein after strenuous workouts will help repair muscles at the cellular level.

The following is a list of favorites from moms–from soccer fields to cheerleader workouts. These foods are not only healthy, cost little, but are easy to serve just as they are on the store shelf. No prep mess and no “junk food.” Wise parents prefer these store-bought, healthful (and not so expensive) choices to share with their child’s teammates after the game:

  1. Protein rich and low in fat: String cheese
  2. Sweet, but natural: Fruit cups
  3. An easy, old-fashioned favorite: Small boxes of raisins
  4. Non-sugary drinks: 100% real juice in boxes
  5. Chewy and flavorful: Fruit leathers
  6. For salt replenishment from sweating: Pretzels
  7. Already conveniently wrapped by nature: Bananas
  8. Inexpensively packed in five-pound bags: Clementine oranges
  9. Everyone’s delight: protein granola bars

A final note to the wise. Don’t think you’re rewarding children for hard work on the field by giving them junk food. Junk food is not “good,” so it can’t be considered positive reinforcement. The healthy choice is easy, when it’s ready to distribute to hungry hands right out of the grocery bag.

Written by: Ruby Moseley, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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