6 Back to School Home Organizing Tips

copywritingThe end of summer and the beginning of autumn brings an abrupt change in routine. It’s called “back-to-school.” Anxiety about this transition can be faced head-on by serious preparation. By organizing your home or dorm room, you’ll feel ready for the increased activity, hectic schedules and exciting opportunities.

Here are six simple tips to utilize in making your home or dorm streamlined for effectiveness:

Utilize a family planner

It’s never too early to get your family’s schedule in a week-at-a-glance planner. Place it where it can be seen by all, or use a white board planner that hangs on the wall. Make sure everyone’s activities-games, practices, church events, meetings, even who’s cooking on which nights–whatever needs remembering.

Give everything a place

Create space for new school books, new school clothes, backpacks, and physical education uniforms. Go through your things, and decide whether to keep them or toss them. From clothing drawers and closets, throw outgrown or tattered items into a goodwill box. Keep summer clothes that will fit next year in an under-the-bed storage box, out of the way.

Baskets by the door

Create a “launch pad” by placing a shelf with baskets by your front door. Here’s where you’ll put purses, keys, backpacks, books, and other things that need to be carried out the door on your next exit. Hooks can be handy for hanging backpacks, purses, hats and coats. Baskets and hooks can be labeled for each child or each area of your life, i.e., church, sports, school, shopping, etc.

Make extra space

Make space for new items by leaving one shelf clean. Keep an empty bin by the front door for items that need to be put in their proper place. Leave space on your bookcases for new art projects.

File away

Buy a large file box or designate a file drawer for weekly papers, homework reference materials, and the like. Use colored folders to distinguish between each child’s papers, or to separate the notes for each of your classes.

Freeze some dinners

As the date approaches for the start of classes, take a night or two to make freezer dinners that will come in handy when homework is hefty. In the dorm, keep a few easy-to-microwave dinners, such as Ramen or soup, for those nights when you need to hunker down with the books and avoid the social distraction of eating out.

By thinking ahead and planning early, these six tips for home organizing will help you manage back-to-school stress. You’ll find yourself with a clearer mind, a cleaner living space, and fewer lost items. Those autumn leaves will signal doors of opportunity opening, because you are ready for the challenges ahead.

Written by: Ruby Moseley, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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