5 Ways to Help Teens Cope With Stress

doctor-for-teen-homepageIsn’t it amazing how time flies when you’re a parent? One minute you’re planning your child’s 1st birthday party, and the next you’re scolding him or her about dishes left in the sink. But wait a minute? You were a teen, right? You experienced peer pressure and stress, didn’t you?

Also remember, when you were a teen you didn’t have bazillions of social networks where cyberbullying takes place. Maybe your teen has a good reason for being moody and having an “I don’t care attitude,” which is why he or she leaves dirty dishes in the sink. Before you lash out at your teen and say something you’ll regret, check out the ways listed below that will help you to help your teen handle and cope with stress.

5 Ways to Help Teens Cope with Stress

Open and honest communication

No matter what, keep the lines of communication open. For example, when you yell at your teen for doing something wrong, he or she will shut down. When you say something like, “What were you thinking? That’s right. You didn’t think,” you direct negative energy towards your teen and the situation. This adds stress to your relationship with your teen; he or she learns how to lash out. Instead, say something like, “I don’t like that you came home at 2 a.m. when your curfew is 11:30 p.m., but I still love you.” Never shame your teen. Always address the situation.

Give them space

Remember how you hated it when your parents crowded you. It probably stressed you out because you didn’t have space to breath. Create a room in your home for you teens where they can go to de-stress. Perhaps a den or section of a finished basement. Allow them to read, write, paint, draw, or do whatever it is that will ease their stress without interference.

Meditate and relax

Meditation is a super stress reliever. Create a quiet, serene space in your home that is only for meditating. Decorate the space with comfy throw pillows and carpets, a statue of a Buddha or your favorite deity, a fountain and whatever else you want. Start off by meditating for 10 minutes and gradually increase the time. When your teens can’t relax and calm their minds, tell them to allow their thoughts to pass. They’ll get the hang of meditation and it will help them handle stress.

Time to work out

Working out is a fantastic way to get fit and healthy and deal with stress. Even better is working out as a family. When you have a bad day, instead of ranting and raving about it, gather the entire family and workout together. Show your teens a healthy way to shake off the negativity. Not only will they learn how to cope with stress in a healthy manner, but their body will get into shape at the same time.

Give a journal

Your teens may not want to speak with you about what’s troubling them. Before you force them to tell you what’s wrong, hand them a journal; show them that you respect their privacy. Tell your teens to journal for an hour each morning and night. Have them get whatever it is that’s stressing them out of their body, mind and soul. Remember, carrying the weight of baggage can wreak havoc on one’s life. You don’t want this for your teens.

Use the above ways to help your teens cope and handle stress. Once they learn and understand that they don’t have to accept stress in their lives, they’ll be happier and healthier.


Written by: Amandah T. Blackwell, Content Writer & Marketer


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