5 Steps to Teaching Manners & Responsibility to Children

Mother and two childrenChildren are not automatically well mannered and responsible. They need to be taught these skills through example, with firmness and love.

Here are 5 steps to teach your children manners and responsibility:

1. It is important to start from a secure base. If you want your children to value people and hard work, and show kindness and respect to others, they need to see this behavior demonstrated by the parent(s).

2. Make sure all the members of your family know they are appreciated and important. Children need to know that they are contributing and their contribution is valued. You should acknowledge them as important and demonstrate good manners within the family unit.

3. An atmosphere of trust and safety is necessary in a family if you want to have responsible children. Your children and the parent or parents need to know that there is honesty and integrity throughout the family.

4. A family requires rules, and consequences for failure to follow the rules should be consistent and fair. Guidelines and expectations need to be clear, and good/successful behavior should be expected and rewarded. Respect for all members of the family is important and non-negotiable. If there are problems, a good parent needs to intervene and help those involved, work it out in a calm and logical manner. Respect is the cornerstone of good manners and children deserve to be treated respectfully.

5. The family needs to meet often to discuss concerns and challenges. This is how you can teach them what is acceptable human interaction and what is not. This can often be done over dinner, which incidentally is an excellent time to bond and learn what everybody is up to.

Sometimes the going can get rough, but it is definitely worth it to stay the course. It’s always nice to have children that people want to spend time with and who are agreeable within the home.

Written by: Diana Fletcher, Author & Life Coach


About the Author

Diana Fletcher is a Stress Reducing Expert Life Coach and Author. She has published five books and her latest, Happy on Purpose Daily Messages of Empowerment and Joy for Women, Revised and Expanded Edition will be published in Spring, 2014.

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