4 Simple Ways To Treat a Sunburn

iStock_000012729670XSmallUnfortunately, we have all been there. As much as we try to protect our skin, sunburns happen, and they are not comfortable for anyone!

Although there is no way to cure a sunburn (once the damage is done, it’s done), you can treat the unpleasant symptoms. Here are 4 simple ways to treat a sunburn:

Take a Shower

To calm your skin, first take a cool shower.

Create a Cold Compress of Milk

Milk, which contains fat, protein and pH, is an effective anti-inflammatory. Make a cold compress by soaking a clean towel in a bowl of milk, water and ice cubes. Hold the towel on your skin for 5 minutes to relieve the sunburned area. Repeat as necessary to reduce swelling and discomfort.

Don’t Skimp on the Aloe

Applying directly from a plant is best, but be sure to do a patch test on your arm first as aloe allergies are common. If you’re buying aloe from a convenient store, avoid gel formulations that contain alcohol; it will burn and dry out your skin (definitely not something your sunburnt skin will like).

Moisturizing is Key!

Opt for moisturizers containing oatmeal and glycerin, and apply often.

Written by: Mindy Black, Owner of Inner Beauty Skin Care Inc.


About the Author

Mindy Black is a licensed esthetician and owner of her results-driven skin care clinic, Inner Beauty Skin Care Inc., located in Lake Mary, Florida. Mindy provides weekly beauty expertise on Orlando’s FOX 35 Good Day morning show and has been quoted in Success magazine, the Moms Magazine, Orlando Mom’s Blog, Spark & Hustle, and is an eHow contributor. Mindy’s accolades include: Vice Chair Woman of the Greater Sanford Regional Chamber of Commerce, member of the Lake Mary Rotary, Royal Court of Krewe 2012-2013, recipient of the Entrepreneur of the Year award, and nominee of Orlando Business Journal’s “Women to Watch.”

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