3 Tips to Reduce Stress as a Family

Cute siblings with their mother making biscuitsMany years as an elementary school counselor led me to the following observation: families are going in too many directions, are over scheduled, and engage in little to no family bonding. It was always a little sad for me to hear an eight year old child say, “I wish that I could just stay home tonight.”

Typically, this same child was in soccer one night, PSR (religious class for Catholic children) another night, and piano practice a third night. These activities happened before returning home, having dinner, and then, there was “homework!” Little to no time existed for the family to simply share their day with each other, laugh, enjoy being a family.

Here are my suggestions to families who find themselves constantly running in all different directions:

  1. Let your child choose one sport vs. several.
  2. Pick 30-45 minutes in the day – either breakfast, after dinner or before bed time to be a family: share the day’s events or talk about future activities.
  3. Have a weekly family meeting. Let each child and parent pick the activity of the night: a game, movie, outside sport. Everyone participates.

Decide that your family is going to take time to smell the roses vs. the gasoline fumes created from all the running from one activity to another.

Written by: Patricia Bubash, Author & Professional Counselor


About the Author: Patricia Bubash is the author of Successful Second Marriages, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Stephen Minister and holds a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Missouri-St.Louis. For over thirty years she worked in the educational setting as a teacher and a counselor.

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